Just for the Heck of It.

The squirrel was jerking back and forth uncontrollably in the grass. I was really worried about it. Had it got caught in some wire or a line?

I had thrown a thin branch into the grass from the garden and the squirrel was grabbing it and twirling under it and at one point it jumped straight up, at least half a foot, into the air.

And then I understood. It wasn’t caught or hurt. It was having fun.

Starlings and Squirrels

The starlings are going mad over the suet when the squirrels let them have a chance. The nuthatch makes a casual appearance and the common grackle saunters confidently below snatching up the crumbs.

The American goldfinch makes an unexpected visit to the porch-swing feeder; carefully picking out the black-oil sunflower seeds and the nyjer.

The mourning doves relax among the new dandelions; luxuriously stretching their wings like someone just waking up.

Juncos and sparrows interchange spots; each jockeying for position.

The American robin ignores all and concentrating on his task, listens for worms.