“Three Turtle Doves”

I was exiting my mom’s house, on her newly built ramp for her wheelchair, when I stopped abruptly in my tracks, noticing three mourning doves sitting on the railing of the ramp near the end.

There were two parents and one beautiful baby. The mom, or dad, then flew off and found some food for the baby and came back and proceeded to feed the baby, who was still sitting on the railing.

I stood there transfixed, letting the rain ping lightly on my coat and hat; not wanting to scare them away and not wanting to interrupt the feeding.

After they left, chickadees darted in and out of the bird feeder attached to the front window.

The wonders you can see by standing still and not moving and observing for a while.

Nature will find you, or you will find it.


I’ve been very happy to see a lot of wild turkeys lately. I’ve seen so many of them, as a matter of fact, that I’m starting to think that they may be my spirit animal.

I learned about spirit animals from Indigenous Peoples’ culture. They are guides to remind us of qualities we need to better travel through this world.

So if the turkey is my spirit animal, for example, she is here to remind me to stay grounded and connected to Mother Earth and to be content with what I have.

It also reminds me to believe in myself and what I have to offer others and to share with those around me.

Animals and nature can teach us so much, if we open our eyes and stay connected to the natural world.

Happy belated Earth Day everyone!

Oops, Sorry for the Insult!

I was driving down the 406, in my big yellow school bus, after my morning run; when I saw the big birds.

There were two at the top of the tree, off of the highway. One flew off and I noted its huge wing span. I thought it was a turkey vulture.

I turned to the left and saw its partner on the tree; regally perched on the top; and then I noticed its beautiful and majestic white head and large beak.

Oops , sorry bald eagles! I thought you were turkey vultures!