The Common Terns of Long Point Provincial Park

We were in Lake Erie; off the beautiful beach in Long Point Provincial Park; in the precious and unique biosphere of the Long Point sandspit; recognized by UNESCO; enjoying the water and the waves.

I looked up over the lake to see a group of birds, crying and dipping and diving over the water.

At first I thought they were seagulls, with their grey and white bodies, but they had black heads and they didn’t sound or behave like seagulls.

I later found out that they were common terns; but they weren’t a common sighting for me and I was happy to see them.

The Ringleader

The northern flicker showed up in the vegetable garden when I went to refill my watering can.

With his festive attire of grey hat with a beautiful splash of red in the back; speckled waistcoat and jacket and black cravat; I picture the northern flicker as the ringleader of a bird circus.

He is a very jolly bird to see first thing in the morning and for that I am grateful.

The Best from Two Categories

I saw a male cardinal feeding his wife a piece of suet that he found this morning for breakfast. And I saw a common grackle taking a piece of suet to the bird bath and eating it with water. He thought, “I don’t know what this junk is, but it is likely to get stuck in my throat and kill me if I don’t wash it down with water.”

The male cardinal wins for ‘best husband’ and the common grackle wins for ‘smartest bird I saw this morning’.

Canada Goose Yoga

There were three of them; a couple and I don’t-know-who.

They were very trusting; they stayed only about seven feet in front of us, telling me that the only thing that people were throwing at them was bread. Life at the pond in St. John’s Conservation Area was good.

Then they, one by one, started to luxuriously lean their long necks back and stroke them on their feathers. Then they started to meticulously preen themselves. Then they stood up on one leg and stretched the other webbed-foot leg way back; then they wiggled their bums and sat down. Canada goose yoga.

The Majestic Moment

Walking to the end of the land in Long Beach Conservation Area, I was looking up at the trees and all of a sudden, I saw to my complete shock and wonderment, a bald eagle land in the treetops.

“Ya Baha’u’llah! Ya Baha’u’llah! Ya Baha’u’llah! I said, (being a Baha’i).

It was the first time I had seen a bald eagle in person and it was a majestic moment.

P.S. The seagulls were harassing him. I don’t know why.