One Sunny Day

The dandelions are an explosion of brightness and hope; essential workers for the bees.

The tulips are red carpet beauties. Too beautiful to behold.

After being heavy-laden with a freak spring snow and bowed down to the ground, the forsythia bounced back in all its astonishing yellow regality, more proud and exuberant than ever.

Starlings and Squirrels

The starlings are going mad over the suet when the squirrels let them have a chance. The nuthatch makes a casual appearance and the common grackle saunters confidently below snatching up the crumbs.

The American goldfinch makes an unexpected visit to the porch-swing feeder; carefully picking out the black-oil sunflower seeds and the nyjer.

The mourning doves relax among the new dandelions; luxuriously stretching their wings like someone just waking up.

Juncos and sparrows interchange spots; each jockeying for position.

The American robin ignores all and concentrating on his task, listens for worms.