His First Bath

The baby robin stood on the edge of the birdbath hesitating. He knew that he wanted to go in the water, but he was scared because it was his first time.

It reminded me of the time I was in the second grade and my beloved school teacher pushed me into the pool during a field trip when I didn’t want to go in. I didn’t like her after that.

“Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away Fly Away”

I went to my bedroom to get socks because the weather here had turned obscenely cold with a harsh rain coming down. (I hope my newly-planted vegetable plants don’t mind.)

Then I saw, to my complete joy, a hummingbird in the bushes outside my window. She was gently hovering around the delicate pink flowers that my mother had planted in front of the house and that had climbed up to the top of the window.

She reminded me of the song, “Hummingbird”, by Seals and Crofts.

In this song, they talk about all the Sacred Beings that God sends to us to educate us. They are so precious and are only here for a very short time, then they are gone. We don’t appreciate them while they are here, and when they are gone, it is too late.

Canada Goose Yoga

There were three of them; a couple and I don’t-know-who.

They were very trusting; they stayed only about seven feet in front of us, telling me that the only thing that people were throwing at them was bread. Life at the pond in St. John’s Conservation Area was good.

Then they, one by one, started to luxuriously lean their long necks back and stroke them on their feathers. Then they started to meticulously preen themselves. Then they stood up on one leg and stretched the other webbed-foot leg way back; then they wiggled their bums and sat down. Canada goose yoga.

The Majestic Moment

Walking to the end of the land in Long Beach Conservation Area, I was looking up at the trees and all of a sudden, I saw to my complete shock and wonderment, a bald eagle land in the treetops.

“Ya Baha’u’llah! Ya Baha’u’llah! Ya Baha’u’llah! I said, (being a Baha’i).

It was the first time I had seen a bald eagle in person and it was a majestic moment.

P.S. The seagulls were harassing him. I don’t know why.

Norman, the Norway Rat

Who is that having a breakfast of birdseed with the squirrel? It is Norman, the Norway rat.

Maybe it was all the weekly chips that Mom threw out the back door after her fish and chips, (before we moved in). Maybe it’s all the birdseed I thought I was putting out for the birds. But there was Norman, the Norway rat.

Kind-of-cute, except for his tail. He bounded away like a miniature kangaroo. Hopefully, if we stop feeding him, he will go away.