Oops, Sorry for the Insult!

I was driving down the 406, in my big yellow school bus, after my morning run; when I saw the big birds.

There were two at the top of the tree, off of the highway. One flew off and I noted its huge wing span. I thought it was a turkey vulture.

I turned to the left and saw its partner on the tree; regally perched on the top; and then I noticed its beautiful and majestic white head and large beak.

Oops , sorry bald eagles! I thought you were turkey vultures!

Good Morning, Mr. Fox

As we drove along in the school bus, beside the snow-covered fields, just before dawn; I was delighted to see a beautiful fox, bounding across the snow.

I pointed him out to the children, who were thrilled to see a fox for the first time.

It gave me great hope for the future; that children were still more excited to see a beautiful wild animal, than anything on social media.