A Herd of Deer

I dreamt bad dreams of sickness, death and dying. Then I went to work and drove the bus out into the country. And a herd of deer passed in front of my bus. One, two, three….I lost count. It was moving and magnificent. It was a gift.

A Flock of Turkeys

Ah, the first day of spring! Still disappointingly cold in the Niagara region of Ontario, Canada; but it was delightful to see a flock of turkeys in the woods, as I drove the school bus in the early morning. I’ve never seen that many together before.

Squirrelling Away

The other morning, I thought the mail lady had come. I heard the mailbox. I looked. A squirrel dashed away into the small trees near the porch. She left a piece of toast in the mailbox. Previously, I found peanuts-in-the-shell there. What a hiding place! Squirrel you are genius!


Buffleheads bouncing up and down in the ice-cold lake. I never saw you before. What a treat!

Winter Haiku

Sugar on the trees. I search for spring in the wind. It is not here yet.

The Fox

Oh friendly fleeing fox; who made a mad dash in front of our school bus to a little patch of remaining woods. How excited the children were to see a wild animal up close. Where will you go, when even those woods, are obliterated and a new housing complex, or strip mall springs up?


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