Red Bird in My Rose Bush

One of the most complete joys of this fall season has been watching and hearing the male cardinal in the rose bush outside my bedroom window. He is there regularly eating the rose hips. Please share any cardinal stories you may have. Thank you.

An Ode to Rice Lake

If we lost heaven because it fell from the sky, I would say that I found it on the shores of Rice Lake. The ethereal beauty of the glistening waters, setting off lovely islands here and there, encapsulates a quintessentially Canadian cottager’s dream. I was greeted by a turkey vulture hanging in a tree, andContinue reading “An Ode to Rice Lake”

My New Bouncy Friend

I was studying in the back garden; getting ready to help run the local polling station for the upcoming federal election. I was learning how to get people ready to vote and enable democracy while not taking any sides. Out of nowhere, on the back fence I heard the loveliest warbling and trilling and lookedContinue reading “My New Bouncy Friend”

The Pizza Thief

My son ordered a pizza for delivery–small size. I wondered what the shuffling noise was coming from the porch. I opened the front door and I was so surprised and secretly delighted to have the privilege of seeing a beautiful big racoon with a loaded pizza hanging from her mouth. She looked at me andContinue reading “The Pizza Thief”

Oak Leaves

I saw an oak leaf on the ground. Its perfect shape was so unique and lovely. It made me happy. I saw another oak leaf. It still had raindrops on it from the night before. It was beautiful.

The American Goldfinch

The goldfinch has a long, leisurely drink at the bird bath after satiating himself on niger seed. He then flits away; twittering as he goes. Leaving a little gleam of sunshine in my heart.

The Female Cardinal

The female cardinal sits on my front porch eating her breakfast, slowly and methodically. Her muted scarlet hues accented by the rosy colour of the tiles on the porch. She is caught in the moment by the sunshine and her presence lights up my heart.


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