Early Morning Mist

Mother Nature gently covers the fields in a lovely grey blanket, as she gets them ready for fall.

What’s Up, Bees?

You are in my ice tea; my pizza; my sandwiches; and fruit. Why won’t you leave me alone?

The Dragonfly

There is an insect; not appreciated; like the regal honey bee. She is the dragonfly; exquisitely beautiful; a mosquito vacuum; expert flier; the envy of every aerospace engineer. Dragonfly; I see you. Thanks.

Monarch in the Milkweed

Monarch in the milkweed. As you flutter around, and rest with your wings closed, then open. You flutter around and follow me to the back garden, where you alight in the daisies. There is beauty. All is not lost. There is hope.

Goldfinches in the Thistles

It was late evening, just before dusk; Mr. and Mrs. Goldfinch were enjoying a peaceful meal in the thistle patch. Then I came along. Sorry! This was beside Lake Erie; close to the beach; in Rock Point Provincial Park.

The Bats

When the birds have gone home to rest their heads, there’s others to take their place. The bat comes swooping, in the dusk-laden sky, so we can see his fox-like face.

Hummingbird Don’t Fly Away!

I am saddened today because I learnt that Jimmy Seals passed away yesterday. I believe that his soul is happy with his loved ones who are already there. Thank you for everything, Mr. Seals!


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