Winter Haiku

Sugar on the trees. I search for spring in the wind. It is not here yet.

The Fox

Oh friendly fleeing fox; who made a mad dash in front of our school bus to a little patch of remaining woods. How excited the children were to see a wild animal up close. Where will you go, when even those woods, are obliterated and a new housing complex, or strip mall springs up?

Frosty November Morning

Oh frosty November morning! Where will we get the warmth that will carry us through till spring?

The Wood Duck

Oh wood duck! How beautiful you are! I thought you were an exotic visitor from a faraway land when I saw you in the pond with all the other ducks. How plain the mallards were compared to your beauty! I hope we will meet again.

Fall on My Bus Route

As I turn down the lane, the flaming new red maples greet me; like giant red lollipops. They are so vibrant; they awaken my early-morning senses to the shocking beauty of fall; that never grows old and is always new and invigorating.

Morning Bus Route Sunrise

Purple and pink explosion; as it fills the autumn sky. Purple and pink explosion; as the bridge is held so high. Purple and pink explosion; as the ship goes gliding by.


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