Fish in the Sky

In the pre-dawn sky I saw hundreds of birds moving in a swarm; moving as one entity; as one gigantic undulating mass; as fish do in the sea for their own protection. I don’t know what kind of birds they were, or why they were flying as a school of fish would; but I knowContinue reading “Fish in the Sky”

Fire in the Sky

The eastern December sky caught fire this morning. As my boots were in the snow, I raised my hands to warm myself for the exigencies of the day. The snow-track clouds were bathed in pink and red and were reflected in the still waters of the Welland Canal. While a crow, perched on the veryContinue reading “Fire in the Sky”

Pre-Dawn; Pre-Winter

Just before dawn, when the fingernail of a crescent moon shines brightly in the sky, I revel at the flamboyant maple in all its orange-red glory; but in the back of my mind I wonder, “Why haven’t all the leaves fallen down by now, like before?”

Red Bird in My Rose Bush

One of the most complete joys of this fall season has been watching and hearing the male cardinal in the rose bush outside my bedroom window. He is there regularly eating the rose hips. Please share any cardinal stories you may have. Thank you.


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