An Ode to Rice Lake

If we lost heaven because it fell from the sky, I would say that I found it on the shores of Rice Lake.

The ethereal beauty of the glistening waters, setting off lovely islands here and there, encapsulates a quintessentially Canadian cottager’s dream.

I was greeted by a turkey vulture hanging in a tree, and a red squirrel, holding a pine cone several sizes too big for its mouth.

The gentle lapping of the water on the shore was a tranquil, soothing lullaby.

The lake was so thick with fish that they leaped out of the water to announce their presence.

My farewell was a surprise visit from a long lost love. The loon laughed comically as dusk approached; promising a longer song as darkness fell.

I wish I could hold that view forever in front of my eyes.

And respectfully remembering the Indigenous People who collected wild rice once-upon-a-time, along its shores.

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