The Pizza Thief

My son ordered a pizza for delivery–small size. I wondered what the shuffling noise was coming from the porch.

I opened the front door and I was so surprised and secretly delighted to have the privilege of seeing a beautiful big racoon with a loaded pizza hanging from her mouth. She looked at me and then dashed off; probably taking it home to share with her family.

Photo by Chalo Garcia on Unsplash


  1. Mark S says:

    Too funny! I hope she left a little bit for the rest of you.


    1. adelenagy says:

      No, she took the whole thing!

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      1. Mark S says:

        Oh No! Well, I guess you might not have wanted to eat it after she had her paws in it.

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  2. adelenagy says:

    It was my son’s pizza. He said I should have grabbed it from her. I said once it was in her mouth it was game over!


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